No Repeat Challenge: Day one

We’re making a bold fashion move. It’s called the #NoRepeatChallenge. What’s that? Okay – imagine being forbidden from repeating any single item of clothing and jewellery for a full two weeks. That’s two full weeks of completely unique ensembles! Phathu, what were you thinking?!

To be fair, you are allowed to repeat socks, shoes and of course underwear (cos if we can’t see it, we can’t judge it *wink*). However, forget about repeating your trendiest jackets, jeans, tops, dresses or jewellery. Sounds simple right? But judging from the times that people repeat staples, this should be interesting.

Ha! You know how you always claim to not have enough clothes? Well this is the type of challenge that might just prove you wrong! Take Mili who took on the challenge because, in her words – she’s a fashionista and lover of dressing up. Believe me, she is! Maybe I’m biased because she thinks I’m stylish? Hahaha.

We asked our colleagues Thandi and Ayanda to contend for the prestigious title of ‘No Repeat Challenge Queen’.

We’ll be posting our looks for the next two weeks, hopefully still on track. This is really going to force us to be more creative with our clothes – even our make-up. *cue dramtic sound effect*

PS: The winner bags a clothing voucher! So yeah, quite exciting hey? May the best girl win!

DAY 1:

Mili wore a grey shift dress and high heels

P1130089P1130090 P1130088

Phathu wore a loose fitting white button-up shirt, blue skinny jeans and a black tweed jacket


You can read Thandi’s blog post on the challenge:

You can read Ayanda’s blog post on the challenge:

NB: This challenge inspired by a smiliar one that fashion blogger Thithi Nteta did.

By Miliswa and Phathu


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