Buckle up for the boucle

I don’t think the boucle tweed jacket is as popular as it could and should be.

A tweed jacket is a hot piece of clothing that can breath sophistication to a bland outfit. It’s relatively warm, so look forward to it in winter. It’s versatile – you can throw it over jeans and a T, a turlip dress, a peplum skirt or dress, a pencil skirt, leggings and tunic – the list is endless.

They’re popular in neutral colours. But there’s so much more to them – a fusion of different colour threads such as black and grey looks like magic. Bright coloured zips can add colour and pleather arms can add fierce character if you’re brave enough to be edgy.

It doesn’t have to be a Chanel tweed jacket to get you compliments. Local clothing retailers like Cotton On, Foschini and Forever New have some I would definitely have in my closet.

You like?


Pic: Styleite

By: Phathu Musitha


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