A studded winter

If you thought studded fashion was for the brave and the fashionable, think again. Studded fashion is for everyone, provided you can pull it off. I started paying attention to the trend late last year as shops like Mr Price, Cotton On, Edgars, Legit got on the stud bandwagon.

If you’re scared to experiment with studded fashion, I’m here to tell you to fear not! I’ve put together some ideas of how you can rock studs, feel warm and look fabulous this winter.

First up, are the studded pumps: Great for the office or a picnic with friends, studded pumps add a touch of punk flavour to your outfit. Different colour pumps are also an added bonus, if you are in all-black, cobalt or gold pumps will do the trick.


Next on my list are studded leggings. Gone are the days when all leggings were meant to be bland, one colour or even horrifically see-through :). Studded leggings are the new in-thing. Whether you want to make a statement at a party or feel sexy at the office, the combination of studded leggings with hot heels is a winner. You can dress them up like this!


Next on the list is my favourite item – the studded jacket. What better way to look like a rock star or an uber hot chick than rocking a studded leather jacket?  Depending on the occasion, the jacket can be paired with a little black dress or a hot number in another colour. I’m thinking white denims would work with this too. Plain leggings, chunky neckpiece and a flowy top can also work with it.


Last, but not least are the studded jersey, studded gloves and studded boots. I love all these because of the glam effect and the detail on them.


So will you be studding it up this winter?

By Miliswa

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