Flattering body con? Yes please!

If you aren’t receiving compliments, you probably just aren’t dressed right. Okay, that’s mean – and it’s not completely true. But we do love the stroke of the fashion ego.

Our friend Ncedi Mgubuli wore this detailed two-tone body con dress – and boy did she wear it! She was rolling in the deep as far as complimemts are concerned. She went all out and added a leather belt to the already flattering dress. Girlfriend has a figure and she knows it. This ensemble is great to wear on a date or out with friends. Add a blazer and you’re good to sit in the boardroom.

Ncedi says: I decided to wear this today because it was cold but also the two-tone dresses seem to be the most popular look for the Autum/Winter season. This dress is slimming because of the black sections around the waist and arms – that’s a huge bonus. The red jacket breaks the monotony of the black and white.

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